US Non Resident Indians
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LAST DECEMBER the Indian Parliament passed a legislation to grant dual Citizenship (aka overseas citizen­ship) to persons of Indian origin who are citizens of certain coun­tries. The law will also grant overseas citizenship to Indian cit­izens who may take up the citizenship. if these countries in fu­ture. At present, this benefit is being extended to persons of In­dian origin of the following 16 specified countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Por­tugal, Republic of Cyprus, Swe­den, Switzerland, United King­dom, and United States of America.

While the government has not yet established procedures or a prescribed form for application to become an overseas citizen of India, it is known that applications have to be made in India to the collector within whose jurisdiction the applicant is ordinarily resident for transmission to the central government through the state government or Union territory administration.


An overseas citizen will be issued a registration certificate granting him or her such a citizenship. More important, the person will be granted an overseas citizen passport. Both the documents will need to be produced when traveling to India. There will be no requirement for a visa to travel to India and no registration formalities for staying in the countryeXTReMe Tracker

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